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Effects Bag: Private Arthur Elderton

Effects Bag: Private Arthur Elderton

Private Arthur Elderton 6/3008 New Zealand Expeditionary Force was born in Christchurch on 30 January 1894. His father, Henry Elderton, was the head shepherd on a farm in Amberley, North Canterbury. Prior to the war, Arthur worked for Papanui carrier L Lees and boarded with the Prebble family in Papanui, Christchurch. Arthur volunteered for service in May 1915 and was posted to C Company of the 1st Battalion of the Canterbury Infantry Regiment.

He served in Egypt and Turkey, finishing off his service in France. On 9 July 1916, Elderton suffered a shrapnel wound to the stomach after a shell attack in Armentieres, France. An operation to repair the wounds was unsuccessful and Private Elderton passed away the following day. He was 22 years old.

Elderton’s possessions were sent home to his mother, Sarah, in this cotton effects bag. The text on the bag reads: "6/3008 Pte A Elderton. Disc, Gold locket, Photos, Testament, Wallet, Badge, Coin, Purse, Diary, Compass, Scissors, Button, 2 Studs 18th July 1916". Private Elderton’s disk, wallet, badge, purse, diary and button are also held at Canterbury Museum.

Date on item: 
July 1916